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  1. Sport Psychology Secrets: How to Use Mental Strength and Win! (Audio) - Listen anywhere to Human Performance Specialist Dr Brandon Nye, PhD
  2. Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual (PDF) -- Each of the 87 pages will add to your skillset making you a better, more knowledgeable coach
  3. Mental Toughness: How to Unleash the Hidden Warrior Within (audio) - Listen anywhere to Claire Nana, M.A. in Psychology, Competitive athlete and Licensed Therapist (LFT)
  4. FREE Gift worth $49: The 3 Pillars of Mental Strength – Listen anywhere to Human Performance Specialist Dr Brandon Nye, PhD as he teaches you how to teach others to achieve optimal Mental Fitness.

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How to Skyrocket Your Positive Results Using Price's Law

How to Skyrocket Your Positive Results Using Price’s Law

At Mental Strength we refer to the Pareto principle often. That is, your biggest results in life often come from focusing on doing less – but more higher-value activities. Said…

Are iPad's Reshaping Kid's Brains?

Are iPad’s Reshaping Kid’s Brains?

Everybody has heard of grey matter: It’s the brain’s pinkish-grey color, literally containing the brain cells and all the goodies so cells can communicate with each other. Grey matter is especially handy when…

A Simple Strategy to Make Negative Thoughts Vanish

A Simple Strategy to Make Negative Thoughts Vanish

If you have listened to How to Fight Depression and Win you have some great strategies to be in control of almost any situation. And if you have enjoyed our…

Seriously!? THIS is Stopping You from Reaching Your Goals?

As you know, we hit self-talk pretty hard. That’s because your self-talk carries a serious super power.
A classic tactic to get in the head of your opponent (especially in a friendly competition) is to ask them,
“Wow, what are you doing so differently to be hitting your serve so awesome today?”
If they take your bait (most will), they’ll be telling you the many bio-mechanically-correct methods of what s/he thinks s/he’s doing to achieve greatness, only to start over-thinking when the competition starts.
You’ve probably seen countless antics from elite-athletes trying to ‘get in the head’ of their opponent. Tennis players are infamous for doing this, whether its stalling, questioning calls, arguing or creating outbursts. And in some cases it works to get the opponent to …

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“Confidence is Through the Roof”

“After a traumatic injury I found and started applying the positive, life-changing strategies. I am so glad I did! My confidence has grown and now I attack challenges in a new, more productive way. I became a niche fitness expert and am now finishing my final year of college prerequisites to become a Physical Therapist. The tips, strategies and team at are always helpful and flat-out awesome!”

Dave C., Business Owner, GA

“I am Now in Control”

“ has completely changed the way I look at being sad, or depressed. I now feel like I am in control by taking time to enjoy micro-moments every day. With diet and exercise I am excited to know I am making fresh new positive connections in my brain! I am so thankful for – you have positively changed my life forever!”

Paige A., WA, College Student

“I Beat the #2 player in the Nation!”

Got the manual and have started reading it… I am using it successfully on the court. Just came back from Nationals, came in fifth, seeded fifth, with a win over the number 2 player in the nation. My mind was at it’s best and I beat many players with a 6-0 score. Your manual just puts everything in a proper alignment. I do believe now more than ever that I will be able to play at an even higher level with my mind being a better tool than ever before.

Peggy M., ME, Tennis athlete