At, we have one purpose:

To help you be strong, confident and mentally tough - launching you towards your most important goals

Here is what most people do to get the most from their Mental Strength experience:

  1. Begin by enjoying the Mental Strength and Peak Performance Training Manual - this amazing ‘flagship’ manual is available to you in hardcopy ($54.97, shipped via USPS or UPS) format or digital (PDF, immediate download, $44.97)
  2. Listen to the audio seminar: 3 Pillars of Mental Strength featuring human performance specialist Dr. Brandon Nye, PhD. For a limited time this is FREE with your purchase of the Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual, saving you $49. (This exciting offer applies to the digital version only, instant download, $49 FREE with training manual).
  3. Take the life-changing program: Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry, featuring Dr Brittany Rummel, PhD in Cognition and Masters and Bachelors in biochemistry (Digital only, audio and short workbook, instant download, $59).
  4. Take another life-changing program: Mental Toughness: How to Unleash the Warrior Within featuring Claire Dorotik-Nana, M.A., Licensed Family Therapist (Licensed Therapist) (Digital only, audio and short workbook, instant download, $59).

After you take these 4 programs, your life will be forever, positively changed

You will be light years ahead of those you compete against or work with - and you will raise the game of every team you are involved with.

To make it even easier for you and depending upon your current major goals, we have 3 Mental Strength Starter Packages for you, which combine a variety of products, all focused on you:

  1. If you are an athlete, coach or a parent, the Mental Strength Master for Sports program is for you.
  2. If you have a health-and-fitness mindset and want to seriously take charge -- and stay in charge -- of your life, ‘You - Mentally Tough, Natural & Strong’ is for you.
  3. If you have ever wanted Total Mental Strength and toughness of the highest achievers on the planet, now’s your chance to ‘have it all’. Limited Time Special Offer gives you eight (8) Mental Strength products which also includes two absolutely FREE!

You will be a new person!  You will be more successful, calm and confident, you will “magically” attract your training goals, and turn them into reality, your athletic career will achieve a new level of peak performance and people will wonder how you can be living such a great life! We guarantee it.

Just tell your friends, family and teammates to visit and they’ll understand immediately (But don’t tell your competition- they'll be forced to find us on their own.)

If you ever need anything along the way, please ask. We are happy to help!