Sport Psychology Secrets for the Coach

How to Use Mental Strength and Win!

Discover Simple, Powerful Insider Secrets to Unleash the Power of Sports Psychology

- Transforming You into a Better, More Effective Coach

3-part Limited-Time Special and FREE Gift empowers you and your athletes to gain more success and have more fun!

Inside Sport Psychology Secrets for the Coach, you get:

  1. Sport Psychology Secrets: How to Use Mental Strength and Win! (audio) - Listen anywhere to Human Performance Specialist Dr Brandon Nye, PhD
  2. Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual (PDF) -- Each of the 87 pages will add to your skill-set making you a better, more knowledgeable coach
  3. Mental Toughness: How to Unleash the Hidden Warrior Within (audio) - Listen anywhere to Claire Nana, M.A. in Psychology, Competitive athlete and a Licensed Family Therapist (LFT)
  4. FREE Gift worth $49: The 3 Pillars of Mental Strength – Listen anywhere to Human Performance Specialist Dr Brandon Nye, PhD as he teaches you how to teach others to achieve optimal Mental Fitness.

Inside, you will discover:

  • The #1 biggest factor in enhancing your own human performance (Yes, you can develop this skill!)
  • Three factors that must be in place to realize optimal performance (these are remarkably easy to apply -- but most coaches don't know how, until now)
  • How to prepare for a competition
  • How to create a distraction that represents a real-life stress for your use in practice!
  • How a coach can redirect negative self-talk (very common especially in youngsters)
  • Legendary coaching secrets of legends such as Tom Landry, Bill Walsh, and Andre Agassi’s ex-coach, Brad Gilbert.
  • Why winners win -- and how you can join this group quickly
  • Simple strategies to make Mental Toughness work for you -- NOT against you
  • How to develop psychological strength
  • Common mistakes that can cause mental errors
  • How to move forward even when you don’t want to
  • The most important components of mental toughness and how you can own them
  • The inspiring story of a young runner who broke an amazing record!
  • What to focus on in order to get the win
  • The most important components of mental fitness
  • How to integrate mental strength so you can achieve any goal you set for yourself
  • Common mistakes that stop most people from from reaching mental toughness -- and how to avoid these mistake in your life!
  • How to make better decisions even in tough situations
  • The foundational secrets of the elite performers
  • How to own the mindset of a champion
  • How to achieve peak performance
  • How to stay calm, confident and self-assured under pressure

A Risk-Free Investment in Your Success

We cannot promise that success will be yours after you study Sport Psychology Secrets for the Coach. But, we can guarantee that you will be a better coach, a better competitor, have more fun in your profession and in your training, and will have an increased sense of self-confidence as a result of these materials. And to further your confidence in us, here’s our guarantee: should Sport Psychology Secrets for the Coach not measure up to your expectations, you may receive a full refund. No questions asked.

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