Sport Psychology Secrets: How to Use Mental Strength and Win!


In this fun-and-easy-listening audio program, human performance specialist Dr. Brandon Nye shares the most-useful-to-you-right-now components of Sports Psychology.

Whether you are a coach, high performance athlete, just getting started or looking to be better in business, this information-packed audio will help you uncover the mysteries of sports psychology (useful to you in sports and in your life) empowering you to set and reach bigger, better goals.

In this fun, fascinating and educational program, you will discover:

  • Two key components to your mental performance
  • The #1 biggest factor in enhancing your own human performance (Yes, you can develop this skill!)
  • Three factors that must be in place to realize optimal performance (these are remarkably easy to apply -- but most coaches don't know how, until now)
  • How to prepare for competition
  • One easy strategy to get more from your Mental Toughness (HINT: It's related to how you start your day)
  • How to create a distraction that represents a real-life stress for your use in practice!
  • How a coach can redirect negative self-talk (very common especially in youngsters)
  • Common mistakes that block your mental strength
  • Key factors involved that actually SQUASH your performance -- and how to avoid!
  • Why team culture affects sport psychology -- and what to do about it
  • How a coach creates a winning environment
  • How a player learns to trust their coach
  • How to spot a big flaw in the coach -- and how the coach can easily fix it!
  • What behaviors is coach reinforcing?
  • What is a great Sport Psychology test for any player (this will shock you!)
  • Why can't a team with the most elite talent NOT be able to get it together?
  • What is Sports Psychology and Human Performance
  • How Tom Brady, Roger Federer and other professionals with long careers excel
  • How Mental Toughness relates to Sports Psychology?
  • How to overcome obstacles
  • How to know if you are mentally tough
  • Why should coaches and athletes care about Sport Psychology?
  • How do you get started?
  • How do you work with all levels of athletes, beginning to elite
  • How to address a 'hothead' athlete?
  • How to better understand your self
  • How to better deal with injuries
  • Why injuries tell you more about the athlete than once believed
  • How an injury can actually make you BETTER!
  • Simple strategies to make Sport Psychology work for you -- NOT against you
  • And much, much more in this awesome 33-minute audio program!

How to Order Sport Psychology Secrets by Dr Brandon Nye, Ph.D

Sport Psychology Secrets, only $59 is an audio program delivered to you in an .mp3 digital file format. This is a digital product and nothing is physically shipped. The audio file is available for your instant download. After your successful order, you will be directed to this audio course from