How to be Mentally Tough in Business with Dr. Lori Wieters, Ph.D, MBA


In this priceless, easy-listening audio interview, human resource management and business specialist Dr. Lori Wieters, Ph.D, MBA, reveals strategies that will help you be mentally tough in the corporate environment.

Whether you are a new employee, a corporate executive or a board member, Dr. Wieters will empower you to be more confident, make better business decisions, be a more effective and powerful employee, and gain favorable attention of other decision-makers within the organization.

In this fun and educational audio program, you will discover how to:

  • Develop grit, resilience and mental toughness in the workplace
  • Avoid the biggest mistake (the fatal flaw) most people make when trying to be mentally tough
  • Thrive even in the most chaotic workplace environment
  • Be true to yourself, your strengths and your talents
  • Manage your emotions and those around you (emotional intelligence)
  • Handle stress and perform at your best
  • Be a lazer-focused and productive member of the team
  • Get more done in less time
  • Shield yourself from unwanted chaos in the organization
  • Avoid feeling like a victim and become a strong, confident productive member of the team
  • Best define the path you are taking within the organization
  • Be a highly valuable productive member of any team
  • Gain the attention of the leadership
  • Take a proper assessment of yourself and your situation
  • And much, much more in this awesome audio interview program!

How to be Mentally Tough in Business by Dr Lori Wieters, Ph.D, MBA

How to be Mentally Tough in Business, only $59, is a two-part audio program delivered to you in two .mp3 digital file formats. This is a digital product and nothing is physically shipped. The audio files are available for your instant download. After your successful order, you will be directed to this audio course on