Mental Toughness for Equestrians: Building A Better Rider


Please note: This Equestrian program also includes the Core training program Mental Toughness Foundations (You save a total of $20 buying these 2 programs together, plus a limited time $10 savings).

If you have already purchased Mental Toughness Foundations please let us know before ordering the Equestrian specialized training so we can adjust the pricing for you.

In this critically important, highly motivating and inspiring 34-minute audio program, Professional Psychologist, Mental Toughness and Equestrian Sports specialist Claire Dorotik-Nana shares little-known strategies of Mental Toughness for Equestrians -- and how you can become a more confident, more effective rider.

Whether you are a trainer, rider, high performance athlete, just getting started with riding or a seasoned veteran, this information-packed audio will help you create a better connection with your horse and be an even better rider.

In this astonishing audio program, and the “Mental Strength Hotsheet” (in a PDF file), you will discover:

  • The single biggest mistake riders make
  • An incredible story of a spooky horse -- And how to make spooks useful!
  • Fear of falling? Here’s why understanding your fears is crucial!
  • The basis of everything we do with the horse
  • How to create great performances from your horse
  • Where the horse’s confidence comes from (and the rider’s confidence)
  • What horses most need from you
  • Why horses need to be able to read … YOU!
  • What being mentally strong means to you and your horse -- and how you can implement easy, effective strategies
  • Easy action steps for you to build mental strength
  • The real driver of EVERYTHING you do on your horse (it’s not what you think)
  • How to make stress and adversity work for you -- NOT against you
  • How to cultivate a great attitude -- in both you and your horse
  • How to wind up, or calm down your horse
  • A legendary lesson that you can apply to your work with your horse, from Victor Frankl,  author of Man’s search For Meaning
  • How to work with a spooky horse
  • How to use a spook to your advantage -- that is to create brilliance
  • Awesome stories of the infamous:
    • Big Ben and Ian Miller
    • Totilas and Edward Gal
    • Seabiscuit and Red Howard
  • Motivating stories of 2 wonderful horses:
    • Keeper
    • Celine
  • How to approach your mistakes and how to not be paralyzed by mistakes
  • How to get out of your comfort zone
  • 4 strategies to stay motivated
  • How to handle the expectations you have of your horse
  • And much, much more in this awesome 34-minute audio program!

How to Order Mental Toughness for Equestrians with Claire Dorotik, MA, LFT

Mental Toughness for Equestrians: Building A Better Rider, only $99.97 $89.97 (Save $10) is composed of two audio programs delivered to you in an .mp3 digital file format. These are digital products and nothing is physically shipped. The audio files are available for your instant download. After your successful order, you will be directed to these audio courses on