Mental Strength and Natural Brain Health


If you want to know how to take care of your brain naturally, you will love this awesome program.

This program is critically important - for everyone, including athletes, high achievers, or anyone simply looking to optimize their health - because you only have one brain. And if that goes bad, everything goes bad.

Learning how to take care of your brain is crucial

So let’s face the facts... everyday, there are heart, liver and kidney transplants done worldwide. But what about the brain?

“With a rising number of mental health issues happening in our society and medications being used, I believe we need to stop playing darts in the dark.”

Michael Stuchiner, Master Herbalist, Elite Competitive Powerlifter and author of Mental Strength and Natural Brain Health (mp3 audio and PDF workbook)

Knowing more about your brain and your personality (why you are the way you are) will allow you to produce a more targeted approach to natural brain health.

Inside this fantastic program, you will discover:

  • The 3 most important components of your natural brain health plan -- and if you don’t do these 3 things you shouldn’t waste your money on supplements!
  • The most common mistakes people make when taking herbal supplements
  • A simple plan that you can start using today to optimize your brain's performance (this is worth the entire cost of the program)
  • How a common herb affects the brain when viewed during a brain scan! (this is shocking and also worth the entire cost of the program!)
  • Why the manifestations of an unhealthy stress response can have very bad results on the brain and nervous system
  • The real job of herbal medicine
  • One of the most important medical tests you can take to learn more about you and the uniqueness of your brain -- so you can develop an even better brain health plan!
  • What adaptogens are why you might want to use them
  • Little-known secrets of the oldest form of medicine in the world - Herbal Medicine
  • Why herbal medicine is used by more societies than any other form of medicine
  • Common “noortropic” herbs that may support a healthy response
  • Brain health herbs that are the most widely studied and researched
  • The fascinating story of how Joe used herbs completely wrong!
  • The safest herbal medicines that may support natural brain health
  • Why people fail to get results from herbs
  • How to create a nourishing herbal program that works for you
  • How to know which herbs are best for you
  • Why the most common herbs that support a healthy stress response and brain health are time-tested, well-studied and extremely safe for both short and long term use
  • How to know which herbs to AVOID
  • The overwhelming effects that stress has on so many people
  • The top questions people ask about how to take herbs for brain health
  • And much, much more in this awesome program!

Mental Strength and Natural Brain Health with Michael Stuchiner, Master Herbalist and Elite Competitive Powerlifter Mental Strength and Natural Brain Health, only $59.00 is a program delivered to you in digital file format. This is a digital product and nothing is physically shipped. The audio file (mp3) and workbook (pdf) is available for your instant download. After your successful order, you will be immediately directed to this course from