Mental Strength and Conditioning Training Program for the Soccer Athlete


The exclusive, world-class mental strength training program for soccer will teach you:

  • Why mentally fit soccer athletes ALWAYS perform better
  • How to play to your potential
  • How to increase your speed, agility, and footwork through mental strength
  • How to be a better teammate
  • How to be the most confident player on the field
  • How to play your best
  • What you need to focus on in order to play your best
  • What NOT to focus on
  • How to be calm and relaxed even in the most stressful situations
  • How to visualize success
  • How to visualize for your best performance
  • And much much more!

In the 2 part Audio Seminar, you will discover:

Phase I:

  • The importance of Mental Conditioning for the Soccer Athlete
  • Why it’s important to be mentally conditioned
  • What’s unique about the mental conditioning of a soccer player?
  • Why soccer players need mental conditioning training
  • How mental conditioning can help a soccer player improve their game
  • Daily steps for mental conditioning
  • Steps to get you in tune with yourself as a soccer player
  • Creating mental conditioning exercises
  • How to create game visions and thinking in pictures, on and off the soccer field

Phase II, you will discover:

  • Mental conditioning exercises for a training day
  • Mental conditioning as an individual
  • How to prepare yourself mentally as a soccer player on a daily basis
  • How to condition your mind as well as your body
  • Pre-game/match mental conditioning exercises
  • Mental conditioning as a soccer team
  • Steps and processes to be mentally prepared on game day
  • How to create your game day vision

How to order:

Order online on our secure server at or send a check or money order payable to: Mental Strength, LLC, 20280 N 59th Ave #115-730, Glendale, AZ 85308.