Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry


If you have ever wanted to know if it’s possible to change your own brain chemistry - and truly take more control of your own brain - you will love this forever life-changing program.

This program, Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry, is critically important - for everyone, including athletes, high achievers, or anyone looking to optimize their brain health. As a result of this program, you will give yourself a boost in physical performance, mental toughness, grit, resilience and help skyrocket yourself closer to the life of your dreams.

Is Optimal Brain Chemistry Possible? You will be shocked to discover what the real science says!

After you listen to this fantastic audio (.mp3) and implement the 9 simple steps within the workbook (pdf) ...

Your life will be forever changed for the positive

You will discover that you are in more control than you ever imagined, and can literally affect your performance, your outcomes and choose to reach virtually any level in life you desire. By learning how to proactively use your own brain chemistry better than others, as discussed in this amazing program, you can virtually become your own Superhero!

Inside this life-changing program, you will discover:

  • How to change your own brain chemistry so you can be in control of your performance
  • How ‘what you say to yourself’ really affects you and how it can turn your performance ‘on or off’
  • Exactly what ‘brain chemistry’ is, and why it dictates your entire life
  • How to transform bad habits into good habits! (This one tip alone will change your life forever and is easily worth the entire cost of the program!)
  • The 9 crucial but simple steps you need to take every single day in order to achieve more optimal brain chemistry (Again, these tips alone will change your life forever and are easily worth the entire cost of the program!)
  • Exactly what a ‘chemical imbalance’ really is (this is shocking and life-changing!)
  • What exactly are neurotransmitters and why should you care?
  • How to become an optimist! (and not be a pessimist)
  • The four neurotransmitters that can control your ultimate performance, even your happiness
  • How to avoid sabotaging yourself
  • How its possible to rewrite your own neural pathways and live the life of your dreams
  • How you can minimize - even erase - bad habits! (Again, this one tip alone will change your life forever and is easily worth the entire cost of the program!)
  • How to maximize good habits
  • How to ‘use your brain chemistry’ to reach your goals
  • A greater understanding of what it means to ‘fire a neuron’ in your brain - and how it can work for you or against you
  • Why visualization works and how you can create any action you want
  • How the people you hang out with and where you spend your time affect your brain chemistry
  • How the movies you watch affects your brain and mood
  • And so much more!

Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry featuring Brittany Rummel, Ph.D in Psychology and Cognition, with a Masters and Bachelors in Biochemistry.
Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry, only $59.00, is an audio program delivered to you in an .mp3 digital file format with a PDF workbook. This is a digital product and nothing is physically shipped. The audio file (mp3) and workbook (pdf) is available for your instant download. After your successful order, you will be immediately directed to this course from


We strive to provide a positive, supportive, educational environment. This program is designed to help you further your development of mental strength and learn more about how your brain works.  This is not a substitute for medical attention from your medical doctor. Above all, it is up to you to visit your health care professional to receive proper medical care.