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Just like having your own private session with a professional that makes a house call that you can listen to again and again, Claire Nana, MA is a licensed family therapist (LFT), psychologist and an adversity specialist. In this life-changing, science-based, inspirational audio program, Claire reveals little-known, effortless and drug-free strategies for you to ...

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Whether you are looking to get through a challenge or want to add life-long skills to your 'tool belt', you will discover how to face and overcome any roadblock life puts in your way. If you are a mom, a student, a coach, athlete or looking to be better in business, this uplifting and easy-listening audio will help you become a better, stronger and more resilient YOU - starting the moment you begin.

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  • The real symptoms of depression - and how to deal with them like a pro
  • The cause of depression - and how to beat it
  • The #1 common food that actually feeds depression -- no different than pouring gasoline on a fire
  • How to empower yourself for life!
  • The role of your emotions and how to use them to your benefit
  • How to use the #1 mood-booster (to feel great again!) - that your body actually creates naturally!
  • Little-known strategies to teach your body to avoid depression!
  • Stories of how others fight depression and win
  • How to face challenges head on
  • How to approach situations when 'you are not in control'
  • A little-known strategy used by athletes to help them squash negative feelings that can hurt performance - that anyone can easily use!
  • How to face uncertainty
  • How to redefine even the seemingly darkest of situations
  • How people who quickly "bounce back" actually see depression
  • The difference between positive and negatives - and how to use this to your advantage

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How to Fight Depression and Win with Claire Nana, MA, Licensed Family Therapist (LFT), only $59.00, is a program delivered to you in a digital file format (.mp3) with a short workbook (PDF) to enhance your audio enjoyment. This is a digital product and nothing is physically shipped. The audio file and workbook is available for your instant download. Please provide your email address to ensure immediate delivery of this positively life-changing program from

Disclaimer: We strive to provide a positive, supportive, educational environment. This program is designed to help you further your development of mental strength. This is not a substitute for medical attention from your medical doctor. Above all, it is up to you to visit your health care professional to receive proper medical care.