This benefit-rich, short audio course features world class mental skills coach Dr. Jorge Valverde.

Mastery of the ‘Golden Eight Sequence’ is designed to help you and/or your athletes recover faster, perform better in competition, and learn what to focus on.  Most athletes limit themselves by focusing only on physical recuperation. Remember, we are not just physical beings. We are emotional and mental beings as well.

Dr Valverde is well known for his work with elite level tennis athetes, but has developed athletes from all skills and backgrounds, from virtually every sport. Tennis athletes, coaches, and all will benefit from this easy to listen to, power-packed audio program.

Inside this short Mental Strength eLearn course, you’ll discover how to:

  • Perform at your peak in competition
  • Get more from your training efforts
  • Focus on your number one priority
  • Recover faster from injury and setbacks
  • Win more often!

27 minutes, audio course, digital only. No materials are shipped.

$29.95 $24.95