How We Are Conditioned From Childhood For Failure Or Success

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How We Are Conditioned From Childhood For Failure Or Success

How We Are Conditioned From Childhood For Failure Or Success

 - And how this affects your mind, beliefs, confidence and self-doubt your whole life!

As adults, we experience four brain wave frequencies:

Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta depending upon the time of day and our activity. (1)

Children, on the other hand, spend years in one primary brain state or another which accelerates only as they mature.

  • Delta, the slowest of all brain waves and the sleep state for adults, is the dominant brain wave of infants up to 24 months whether they’re wide awake, laughing or sleeping.
  • A child’s brain waves accelerate to a constant waking Theta state (associated with insight, inspiration, imagery and memory) between the ages of two and six. This would explain the rich creativity and imagination that characterizes their activities.
  • Between six and twelve, children’s brain wave frequencies accelerate once more to primarily an Alpha state (characterized by a relaxed, calm, meditative state in adults).
  • About eleven or twelve, a child’s dominant brain wave pattern accelerates again to the waking state of Beta, our familiar alert state.

What does this have to do with establishing our belief system, and making life changes? 

The implications are shocking.

Theta and Alpha are states of consciousness in which we are less critical in our thinking and are highly receptive to influences and suggestions from others. These states are very necessary for the millions of bits of information that children must absorb during their formative years.

However, this is also the stage where beliefs and “truths” about ourselves -- and what life is all about -- are ‘programmed’ into a highly suggestible, receptive and imaginative mind set
This is where the foundations of self esteem (or self-estimate) are programmed … “I am worthy … lovable … competent” … or … “I am stupid … unlovable … helpless …” depending on the kind of parenting you are exposed to.


To varying degrees, we are all prisoners of these old beliefs. If we are not happy with some of our early life programming, how do we change it?

In exactly the same way we learned the unresourceful behavior in the first place -- by re-educating the subconscious -- in a suggestible and receptive Alpha or Theta brain wave state whenever possible -- exactly as taught in the Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual and in Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry.

You may not be able to recapture those formative years, but you can, with a little practice, recreate the optimum learning environment for reprogramming your mind and life the way you want it to be.

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July 10, 2020

Wow this is amazing it give us deep understanding when it comes to the function of the brain and I strongly believe that every parent need this kind of gives understanding on how and what precautions to do to your child.

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