mentalstrength_250Mental Strength And Peak Performance Training Manual

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A Mental performance training manual for the super productive, businessperson, entrepreneur, athletes and coaches of all sports .. Ready for you to download and begin to apply instantly

- A Mental Toughness Guide –

mentalstrength2_250Mental Strength And Peak Performance is an invaluable 87-page manual written for the super productive person and high level athlete to fully understand and implement.  This resource has helped hundreds of athletes, coaches and business people from over 64 countries become tougher competitors and more confident athletes. 

It’s the country’s only Mental Strength Training Manual designed for the athlete to fully understand, and implement. You’ll learn not just how the mind works in competition, but how you can use it to your benefit on and off the field.  The Mental Strength Manual gives you all the mental toughness training you need — when you need it most. This manual will prove to be a valuable resource in your personal library.

In the manual you’ll discover:

  • How the Pros Compete in the Peak Performance Zone
  • Mental toughness skills
  • How Do Top Athletes Stay Mentally Tough?
  • How Do You Find Mental Peak Performance?
  • Can You Control Your Mental Performance?
  • Discover the Secrets of Mental Toughness
  • Affirmations – “Why don’t they work?”
  • Law of Visualization … Page 35
  • Train your mind for perfection with Emotion and Mental movies
  • Law of Input – Gaining the slight-edge … Page 40
  • Law of Substitution … Page 43
  • Law of the Coach — Coach Lives in a Goldfish Bowl?… Page 44
  • Yes! … A Crisis!? … Page 45
  • Accentuate the Positive … Page 47

In the most important chapter you will ever read starting on Page 49, you’ll discover secrets used by the most successful people on the planet, such as

  • How to Win
  • How to make your emotions work for you
  • How to programming your Peak Performance Zone
  • How to apply the Slight-edge Principle … Page 58
  • The key to mastering any new training
    technique required of your sport by using the Law of 21
    … Page 61
  • The Law of the Comfort Zone … Page 63
  • The Law of the Peak Performance Zone … Page 68

And in the Total Mental Strength Training programs, you’ll recieve:     … Page 73

  • The Six Steps to Raising Your Self-concept
  • Sample Training Program
  • What is YOUR Pentagon of Strength?
  • Nine Steps to an Unstoppable Attitude
  • Substitute It!

No matter what sport or activity you are involved in, you’ll definitely want to have the Mental Strength And Peak Performance training manual.

Having the Mental Strength And Peak Performance training manual is like having an experienced performance trainer at your side, telling you exactly what do to produce the results you desire. It could save you thousands of trial and error hours, and put you leap years ahead of your competition.

GUARANTEE: If Mental Strength And Peak Performance is not everything we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked. You have a full 60 days to request a refund.

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Hardcopy is Only $49.97  $44.97 (Save $5!) — Your life will positively change! (Buy now)
PDF Download is Only $49.97 $34.97 (Save $15!) (Buy now)



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