Where NOT to Start

We get dozens of questions everyday.

Since we can’t get to every single question, this week, I figured I’d address the most frequently asked, which deals with gaining better performance through mental rehearsal.

So what’s the most asked question?

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“Where do I start?”
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Let’s answer this with where NOT to start.

Don’t start with a negative.

Instead, start with a positive.

For example, back in the 1988 Olympic games, Greg Louganis hit the back of his head on the diving board in a qualifying round.  You probably remember seeing countless images of this played over and over and over and over again by the ‘not-so-helpful’ news media.

But, I betcha you didn’t know that Greg absolutely would not watch this video tape.  Can you guess why?

He feared that if he watched it he would create a powerful subconscious, negative, video-clip-in-his-mind undermining all his hard work.

So instead, he focused on creating perfect dives in his mind, and then went on to win two Gold medals — with five stitches in his head!

Now, I could rant-and-rave about how destructive the TV is, because it constantly overwhelms our minds with negative images, definitely affecting our daily “life” performances.  But I won’t.

I could get on my “soap box” about how you need to have a positive mental outlook in your life, but you already know this.  So I won’t.

But I will tell you to carefully monitor the pictures that are being replayed, again and again, in your head.  Because you can either picture what you WANT, or, by default, your mind will picture things you DON’T want (things the media and high-priced advertisers want FOR you).

(This simple little principle probably has a lot to do with the little maniacs running around shooting people and creating havoc.  But I’m not gonna go there.)

So chances are pretty darned high that whatever you play in your head, will come true!

Please… choose what YOU want.

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