Soccer Players Learn to Use Their Head

The Mental Strength Training Center announced today the release of a Sport Psychology and mental skills training program for Soccer players and coaches.

To help soccer players, coaches and parents of soccer athletes become better teammates, leaders and athletes, the Mental Strength Training Center, working with world class Mental Skills coach and Indiana University Professor Dr. Gary Sailes, created the MENTAL STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM FOR SOCCER, a 2-phase training program contained on two CD’s.

Dr. Gary Sailes is an accomplished professor, having worked with dozens of professional athletes, universities, and other high profile individuals. Topics of the program include; Why mentally fit soccer athletes perform better, How to play to your potential, How to increase your speed, agility, and footwork through mental strength, How to be more confident, What to focus on while playing, How to stay relaxed in the stressful situations, and How to visualize success.

The MENTAL STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM FOR SOCCER features The Mental Strength Training Center CEO, Samuel F. Hirschberg in an interview format with Dr. Gary Sailes. The sports psychology for soccer program is easy to listen to and easy to learn from. The program features a 42-item self-inventory checklist, and a 10-question true/false exam to ensure maximum retention and understanding of the core principles. The MENTAL STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM FOR SOCCER, 2 CD’s, 42-item Mental Strength Inventory, and exam, $99, can be purchased online at for digital download, or the 2-CD’s are shipped priority mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

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    i want to be mentally strong and do i do it.

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