Real-life fast-moving concentration

Ok, last week we built upon your concentration skills.

Static concentration that is.

Now, let’s move it.


You developed your concentration skills while totally focused on every contour, color, shape, size and detail of the object in question, i.e., baseball bat, tennis ball, golf ball, football, basketball, and so forth.

  • Now, go onto the playing field.
  • Throw a perfect pass.
  • Hit a serve.
  • Swing the bat.
  • Run a perfect sprint.
  • Perform the perfect stroke.

Whatever you do, simply relax, and perform it exactly as you want.  No pressure.

As you do it, imagine you are up in the clouds, looking down, watching yourself — slowing your performance.

When you are done, replay every detail in your mind.

If you can’t do it yet, that’s ok, keep performing and realizing more detail each time you do. Smell the grass, feel the air in your face, listen to the kids playing on the basketball court… every detail.

Continue to practice this motion picture in your mind.

Every time you do you’ll notice more and more details.  You’ll begin to train your mind to train your body to perform the way you want under real-life, balls flying, water splashing, fast-moving circumstances.
Keep trying.

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