Handling Distractions, Part 2

You should now have a list of your responses to some of the common distractions affecting your play.

Such as…

  • Your violent outburst to the baby crying …or…
  • You spending the next four points wondering why you double faulted on game point.

And if you have no idea what I am talking about, please read Handling Distractions, Part 1, so that you get caught up:

The bottom line is this:
You need to get back on track…

and get over whatever caused your distraction.

How do you do that?


Focus on something in the here-n-now.

So, let’s focus on your breathing.

What I like to do is concentrate on the breath coming into my lungs, and then, the exhaling of the breath going out my lungs.

And while I am breathing, I go about my task at hand.

Give it a try.  I am confident this will help you to get relaxed, re-focus on what you are doing, and stop dwelling on things you no longer have any control over.

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