Mental Strength: If It Is To Be …

I turned on the radio yesterday, as I sometimes do in the car when I am out of CD and audio cassette programs.

A political talk show was on.

The guest was a psychologist. He was on because he was diagnosing 100,000 people suffering from ‘post traumatic wrongful-election distress syndrome.’

No Joke.

Now, whether you are part of the blue party, green party, or purple party, it’s unimportant for this purpose, really.

What is important is the attitude that is expressed:

Helplessness, or that someoneis coming to the rescue.

It has been said that the true sign of maturity is the realization that no one is coming to the rescue.

Except you.

So, I propose that as we begin this new year, that you set some big, hairy, audacious goals for yourself.  Then align yourself with a carefully chosen team of people that can help you achieve those goals.

Then work like crazy.

And so, as you develop your athletic career and your professional career, your motto ought to be:

If it is to be, it is up to me.

When you carry a confident, it-is-up-to-me attitude, you will find people are magically attracted to you, wanting to be part of your winning team.

And you will accomplish more, faster than you ever thought possible.

Until next week,

Sam Hirschberg

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